Tech N9ne Net Worth

Tech N9ne Net Worth

Tech N9ne is one of the most recognizable names in hip-hop. He’s released seven studio albums, two EPs, and over 50 singles. He’s also a popular rapper/producer, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. So how much is Tech N9ne worth? Well, as of 2019, Tech N9ne’s net worth is an estimated $60 million. That may not seem so impressive at first glance, but when you consider that he’s only been rapping for around 20 years and has only released seven studio albums, it makes his net worth incredibly impressive. In addition to his music career, Tech N9ne owns several businesses and has worked as a motivational speaker. So even if he weren’t a rapper, he would still be quite wealthy.

Tech N9ne Birth Date

Tech N9ne’s birthday is November 17th, 1988. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. While he started out as a rapper, he has since branched out into acting, producing and even directing. In 2013 Tech N9ne released his most recent album ‘The Storm’. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart and has since been certified Platinum. Forbes estimates his net worth at $45 million.

Tech N9ne Early Years

Tech N9ne is one of the most successful rappers in history, with over 25 million records sold and multiple Grammy Awards under his belt. He started out as a rapper in the mid-’90s, before quickly making a name for himself with his dark and heavy sound.

Born Erik Price in Kansas City, Missouri, Tech N9ne began rapping at a young age and quickly developed a following among local rap fans. In 1996, he released his first album, All Grown Up, which featured the singles “Pain” and “Shit on You.” The album went platinum and helped to launch Tech N9ne into stardom.

Since then, he’s released several more albums and achieved even greater success. His latest album release was 2014’s The Gates: Expanded Edition, which topped the Billboard 200 charts. In addition to his music career, Tech N9ne has also starred in several films and television shows, including Bad Moms (2016), Power (2017), and Preacher (2016-2018).

Today, Tech N9ne is one of the richest rappers in the world and has an estimated net worth of $175 million. He continues to tour extensively across the globe and is considered one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world today.

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Tech N9ne Entertainer

Tech N9ne is one of the most popular rappers and entertainers in the world. He has released five studio albums, two EPs, one compilation album, and fifty-six singles. His net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

Tech N9ne was born Kendrick Lamar Duckworth on December 17, 1975, in Kansas City, Missouri. He started rapping at the age of thirteen, after hearing a song by Ol’ Dirty Bastard. After dropping out of school, he moved to California and started working as a mechanic. He met producer Prince Paul and began producing music under the name Munchi Goode. In 2001, he released his first album The Gifted One: The Official Bootleg.

His second album God’s Plan was released in 2003 and sold over two million copies worldwide. It included the singles “Till I Collapse” and “Insane”. The following year he released his third album Str8 Off Tha Chain which included the singles “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” and “Bizarre”. In 2006 he released his fourth album Oxymoron which included the singles “Collard Greens & Chicken Nuggets”, “Steady Mobbin'” (ft Snoop Dogg), and “Sinners Ain’t Nothin’ But Gangstas (FT Bobbi Starr)”. His fifth album King Me was released in 2013 and includes the single “Do You Want More?” which features Travi$ Scott.

Tech N9ne Music Career

Tech N9ne has had a rap career that’s been anything but short. The Kansas City-based rapper, songwriter, and producer has released six studio albums, one compilation album, and dozens of singles since his debut in 1995. Tech N9ne’s 2017 album “The Storm” was his seventh consecutive No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart and the first rap album to reach the feat in over 20 years. His latest album, “All Hell Breaks Loose”, is set to be released on December 1st.

Tech N9ne net worth is currently estimated at $60 million, making him one of the most successful rappers in history. In addition to his music career, Tech N9ne also has an endorsement deal with popular headphone company Beats by Dre which has made him one of the wealthiest hip hop artists out there. He also owns several properties including a recording studio and an arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

Tech N9ne Charity Work

Tech N9ne is an American rapper and record producer. He has released six studio albums, two compilation albums, three extended plays, and thirty-two singles. He has also released one guest album and forty-seven music videos. In 2014, he founded the Tech N9ne Foundation to help youth in need.

Tech N9ne Net Worth

Tech N9ne is one of the most successful rappers in the world. He has released 6 studio albums, 1 EP, and 50 singles. His net worth is estimated to be over $50 million.

Tech N9ne’s early life was difficult. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and his mother passed away when he was young. His father left the family soon after. Tech N9ne bounced around a lot during his childhood, living with different family members before settling down in Wichita, Kansas.

At 16, Tech N9ne started rapping and performing locally. Two years later he released his first mixtape, The Hard Stuff Vol 1: The Mixtape. The following year he released his first full-length album called Words From The Streets Vol 1: Paid In Full. It received positive feedback and helped him build a fanbase across the US.

In 2003, Tech N9ne signed with Strange Music and released his second album called Uniformity. It featured popular singles such as “Prayer” and “Walking on Water”. In 2006 he released his third album called Phenomenal which included hits such as “Busta Rhymes”, “Kingdom Come”, and “Be Real”.

Tech N9ne’s fourth album called Collabos arrived in 2009 and featured collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz, 50 Cent, Eminem, Diddy Kong Project, and others. The following year he released an


Tech N9ne is an entrepreneur, rapper, and producer with a net worth of $60 million. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Tech N9ne rose to prominence as one-third of the hip-hop group The Outlawz. After splitting up with The Outlawz in 2006, he began to focus on his solo career and released his first album that same year. Since then, he has released six more albums and toured extensively throughout the United States and around the world. In addition to his music career, Tech N9ne invests in various businesses and is a well-known philanthropist.

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